Enemy Mine

When I lived in Chicago over a decade ago, a friend invited me to what he claimed was the best theatre troupe in the area. The next Friday night, we stood in line at a very hole-in-the-wall kind of place, surrounded mainly by young hipsters and people dressed much cooler than us. My friend had […]

Bad News on Doing Good

A friend sent me an article by the Pope today, hoping to change my mind. It didn’t. I’ll admit, Pope Francis has a few more followers and quite a bit more clout than me. Oh, and he has a pretty huge hat too, and a tricked-out car i’d love to ride in. But I’m afraid […]

A Death in The Family

Reposted on the first anniversary of my mom’s passing So…today I’ve put a moratorium on “your mom” jokes.  My mom has always been a source of gentle humor in our family. A southern woman with naturally blonde hair teased out big, she always sounded like a female version of Hank Hill from the cartoon “King […]

Dear Millennials: Quit Whining!

Watch my head explode as I respond to Millennial complaints about the church

So I’m reading yet another article about why millennials have dropped out of church. How many have a read in the past year? More than the numbers of stars in the skies. And what do I hear? A whole bunch of whining. Once again, I’m reading about how it’s all “our fault” – “our” meaning […]

Just a dusty old book

It’s funny, the way they look at my life. You know, that moment when you suddenly realize how others perceive you and it’s like you can now see yourself through their eyes. No one every says anything to my face. But when spiritual things come up in conversation, I can tell how alien I seem […]

My Stepford Wife

This is soup. My awesome wife Dawn made some for supper tonight. Author’s note: I did not force her to cook this meal in any patrician/male-dominating sort of way. I’m pretty sure she did not feel coerced to do it and it did not betray her femininity to take on such a traditional conservative role […]


I attended one of the first integrated elementary schools in Alabama. Fifth Avenue Elementary in Huntsville. In 1963, Sonnie Hereford IV held the hand of his father Dr. S. W. Hereford III and walked into my elementary school in my little southern town to enroll. By the time I got there five years later, you’d […]

Denial’s not just a river in Egypt

Believe it or not, the biggest jerks in the world don’t realize they are. Even when they notice their behavior is hurtful to others, they excuse it. It’s always someone else’s problem: their boss was a jerk, their friends wouldn’t listen, their spouse wasn’t supportive. They never seem to realize it’s been most every boss, […]

Why “Under God” Matters

During a magazine contest in 1892, the words to what we now know as our Pledge of Allegiance were first published. In 1942, the Pledge was officially adopted into our flag code. At the time, it read as follows: “I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible, […]


This is our baby girl Gracie just a few months after she was born. I used her picture because our basic human rights, like the right to life, are not political. They are intrinsically personal to those victimized when they are abused…