Some days, you’re just gonna get soaked

No way to avoid it, so why not embrace it?


I was feeling really down today. Nothing life-threatening. Just a rough couple of days in a row, lots of frustrations and no progress. You know how it is. I hadn’t gone running for three days, partly because of feeling so overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  But today, I finally forced myself to take a […]

God’s not (Tom) Petty

Just in case you were wondering...


I was talking with my barber the other day. Actually, I’m not sure if you call them “barbers” anymore. But to call him a “hair stylist” sounds awkward. I go to one of those chain shops, and he does a great job. But “stylist”? I guess I’ll just call him “the guy who cuts my […]

Blessed are the Lost Causes

God loves those who love "the least of these"


I served for one very long year as a jail chaplain. I guess you can get used to anything. Except working in a jail. After a few months, it didn’t really bother me when the huge metal door clanged shut behind me, locking me in with some of the most desperate people in my county. […]

STAR TREK and no-win scenarios

Gotcha questions for unsuspecting Christians


Whenever I watch famous TV preachers being interviewed for news shows, I can always count on him being asked at least two questions. In fact, I could most confidently place bets in Las Vegas and set my clock by it. The first question is, “If God is good and is all powerful, why does evil […]

If you want to be more like Jesus…

Christianity today doesn't always look like Jesus - the real thing can be quite different

Morning prayer

Do you want to be more like Him? Really? Well… If you want to be more like Jesus, you need to think of yourself less and others more. If you want to be more like Jesus, you need to be less worried about your reputation and more about spreading His reputation throughout the world. If […]

When the Walls Come Down

When the party ends, what will be left?


I watched them tear down my dreams today… Well, it wasn’t really as devastating as it sounds. It was actually just the set for a musical I was performing in. We had auditions about 3 months ago. I hoped and hoped I’d get this particularly fun part – one of the leads with my own […]